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A two-field finite element solver for linear poroelasticity




Wang, Zhuoran, author
Liu, Jiangguo, advisor
Tavener, Simon, advisor
Zhou, Yongcheng, committee member
Ma, Kaka, committee member

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Poroelasticity models the interaction between an elastic porous medium and the fluid flowing in it. It has wide applications in biomechanics, geophysics, and soil mechanics. Due to difficulties of deriving analytical solutions for the poroelasticity equation system, finite element methods are powerful tools for obtaining numerical solutions. In this dissertation, we develop a two-field finite element solver for poroelasticity. The Darcy flow is discretized by a lowest order weak Galerkin (WG) finite element method for fluid pressure. The linear elasticity is discretized by enriched Lagrangian ($EQ_1$) elements for solid displacement. First order backward Euler time discretization is implemented to solve the coupled time-dependent system on quadrilateral meshes. This poroelasticity solver has some attractive features. There is no stabilization added to the system and it is free of Poisson locking and pressure oscillations. Poroelasticity locking is avoided through an appropriate coupling of finite element spaces for the displacement and pressure. In the equation governing the flow in pores, the dilation is calculated by taking the average over the element so that the dilation and the pressure are both approximated by constants. A rigorous error estimate is presented to show that our method has optimal convergence rates for the displacement and the fluid flow. Numerical experiments are presented to illustrate theoretical results. The implementation of this poroelasticity solver in deal.II couples the Darcy solver and the linear elasticity solver. We present the implementation of the Darcy solver and review the linear elasticity solver. Possible directions for future work are discussed.


Includes bibliographical references.
2020 Summer.

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