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Electrokinetic-potential fluctuations generated by jet impingement




Duckstein, L., author
Cermak, J. E., author
Pergamon Press, publisher

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Electrokinetic-potential fluctuations produced by a two-dimensional submerged water jet impinging on a plate have been measured. The potential fluctuations appear to be approximately proportional to the longitudinal-velocity fluctuations ux' in the neighborhood of the boundary. Normalized frequency distributions of potential-fluctuation measurements agree with velocity fluctuation data taken by Klebanoff and Laufer with a hot-wire anemometer at a dimensionless distance y/δ ∼- 10-3 from the wall. Assumptions made concerning the relationship between potential and velocity fluctuations give a possible explanation of the change in the shape of the potential-fluctuation spectrum with the flow velocity and the electrical conductivity of the water. Further analysis is required to establish a definite relationship between electrokinetic-potential fluctuations and velocity fluctuations occurring near a solid boundary.


Reprinted from International journal of heat and mass transfer, v. 7 pages 159-167.
Includes bibliographical references.

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Kinetic theory of liquids
Jets -- Fluid dynamics
Surface chemistry


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