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Lesly Alvarez-Rivera: capstone



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The artist's statement: When I discovered the world of artmaking during my high school years, I realized that I struggled with thinking and creating ideas for myself. I learned how to make art to appease my audience and within a few years I deconstructed the processes of how I made art to rebuild my style and technique. Deconstructing the process of fiber art helped me discover what I love about fibers. I learned how to originate my art starting at the very beginning of the process from creating, coloring, and forming fiber. My preferred techniques to make my art are dyeing with natural colors and weaving. Both processes require a sense of control where I choose the colors and depth in the dye and the pattern of my weaving. However, there is still so much out of my control that creates an organic spectacle of the product. Fibers is gentle and forgiving when it comes to 'mistakes.' A fabric that was not thoroughly dyed leaves gorgeous variations of depth in the fabric. Weaving is a mathematical technique that needs exact calculations, but the colors and patterns used change the atmosphere of what the weaving will communicate to the viewers. Every decision in my artworks surprises me at the end because of the unpredictability with my process. I hope to create woven and dyed works that materialize the excitement of when I get to create a new work and I aim to show the world my artwork - specifically to other fiber artists as an assurance that there is room for fiber art, too.


Colorado State University Art and Art History Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, and images of works.

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