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Global model of linearized atmospheric perturbations: revisions and improvements to original model




Ciesielski, Paul E., author
Stevens, Duane E., author

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Subsequent to the original description of our linearized primitive equation model, several improvements to its original design and corrections to its original description have been made. This manuscript represents a consolidation of these changes which include: Numerous corrections (typographic and otherwise); A provision for applying the horizontal boundaries at the poles. This document gives the form of these boundary conditions along with their derivation; An improved latitudinal finite differencing scheme in which the horizontal wind variables (u, v) are staggered mid way between thermodynamic variables. This new grid structure eliminates grid scale numerical noise in the results and has the added benefit of increasing computational efficiency by a factor of two; Treatment of the case where both the longitudinal wavenumber and frequency of the perturbation approach zero. In the original version of the model, considerable difficulty was encounter in computing a solution for this case.


June 1989.

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Atmospheric circulation -- Mathematical models
Ocean-atmosphere interaction -- Mathematical models
Climatic changes -- Mathematical models


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