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15th annual Central Plains irrigation conference and exposition proceedings

dc.contributor.authorCentral Plains Irrigation Conference, author
dc.coverage.spatialGreat Plains
dc.descriptionPresented at the 15th annual Central Plains irrigation conference and exposition proceedings on February 4-5, 2003 at the City Limits Convention Center in Colby, Kansas.
dc.description.tableofcontentsWhat happened in 2002? -- Long-term effects of the drought on the Central Great Plains -- A reflection on irrigation changes -- History of CPIA -- Sprinkler design and uniformity consideration overview -- Water loss comparison of sprinkler packages -- Matching the nozzle package to the operating condition -- Mobile irrigation (MIL): center pivot uniformity evaluation procedure and field results -- Impact of wide drop spacing and sprinkler height for corn production -- Management strategies for a limited water supply -- Living with limited water: sunflowers and cotton as alternative crops -- Crop water use requirements and water use efficiency -- Water savings from crop residue in irrigated corn -- Determining crop mixes for limited irrigation -- Corn production in the Central Great Plains as related to irrigation capacity -- Estimating irrigation pumping plant efficiency -- Ogallala Aquifer in northwest Kansas: groundwater availability and use -- Design and management considerations for subsurface drip irrigation systems -- Center pivot sprinkler and SDI to avoid clogging hazards -- SDI water quality assessment guidelines -- KSU research for corn production using SDI: 14 years of progress -- SB 430: local control or not -- Conservation provisions of the 2002 farm bill -- State irrigation efficiency cost-share -- The need to integrate equipment for center pivot application of animal wastes -- Utilizing swine effluent on sprinkler-irrigated corn -- Irrigating with swine effluent.
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dc.format.mediumconference proceedings
dc.publisherColorado State University. Libraries
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dc.rights©2003 Central Plains Irrigation Association
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dc.subjectwater efficiency
dc.subjectsubsurface drip irrigation
dc.title15th annual Central Plains irrigation conference and exposition proceedings
dc.title.alternativeProceedings for 2003 Central Plains irrigation conference and exposition
dc.title.alternativeCentral Plains irrigation conference and exposition proceedings


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