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Report on workshop goals, programs, instruments, observations, and preliminary analyses: the Second International Workshop on Condensation and Ice Nuclei, 5-19 August, 1970




Grant, Lewis O., author

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This report covers the activities during the second International Workshop on Condensation and Ice Nuclei (IWCIN) held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado during August, 1970. A description of Workshop activities, including background, planning, and organization, is included as part of the addresses presented during the opening session by Ors. H. Weickmann, J. Podzimek, and V. Schaefer. Keynote addresses during opening session by Dr. Patrick Squires, on condensation nuclei, and Dr. John Hallett, on ice nuclei, served as a technical starting point for the workshop and are included in this report. Detailed descriptions of the laboratory, the sampling facilities and the nuclei counters being. compared are also included. These descriptions and a listing of nearly all data collected are followed by a section which presents brief, preliminary summaries of analyses of both the condensation and ice nuclei observations. Sections of the report dealing with the laboratory facilities, procedures, equipment, etc. have been prepared by the individuals most concerned. Preliminary analyses of the CCN and IN data have been prepared by selected representatives from participants who made the CCN and IN measurements.


August 5-19, 1970.

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