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Users' perspectives of clinical utility of the Daily Experiences of Pleasure, Productivity and Restoration Profile in a caregiver support group




Stephans, Lindsey E., author
Atler, Karen, advisor
Fruhauf, Christine, committee member
Sample, Pat, committee member

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Occupationally-focused assessments that consider the client’s occupational experience in context are crucial to providing interventions that are meaningful and ecologically valid for our clients. Yet, few assessments go beyond an evaluation of typical occupational performance to recognize the contextual elements that provide depth to an individual’s occupational experience. The purpose of this paper is to report on a utility study of one such assessment, The Daily Experiences of Pleasure, Productivity and Restoration Profile (PPR Profile), used by an occupational therapist with a group of spousal caregivers. This pragmatic, single case study design sought to capture caregivers’ perceptions of utility in completing the PPR Profile and discussing it with an occupational therapist. Four major themes emerged: initial perspectives of using the PPR Profile, using the PPR Profile was helpful, but difficult, using the PPR Profile provided opportunities for change, and recommendations for using the PPR Profile. The results support the use of the PPR Profile to capture and discuss contextual occupational experiences as a client-centered and ecologically valid occupational therapy assessment to guide interventions for caregivers to self-manage their health. Discussion focused on issues that occupational therapists need to consider in using the PPR Profile. While these results are promising in one setting, further research is warranted.


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