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Improvements in computational electromagnetics solver efficiency: theoretical and data-driven approaches to accelerate full-wave and ray-based methods




Key, Cam, author
Notaros, Branislav, advisor
Pezeshki, Ali, committee member
Estep, Donald, committee member
Ilić, Milan, committee member

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Simulation plays an ever-increasing role in modern electrical engineering design. However, the computational electromagnetics solvers on which these simulations rely are often inefficient. For simulations requiring high accuracy, full-wave techniques like finite element method and method of moments dominate, yet existing practices for these techniques frequently allocate degrees of freedom sub-optimally, yielding longer solve times than necessary for a given accuracy. For larger-scale simulations, frequency-asymptotic methods like shooting-bouncing ray tracing dominate, yet existing algorithms suffer from incomplete parallelizability and are consequently unable to take full advantage of modern massively parallel computing resources. We present several approaches, both theoretical and empirical, to address these efficiency problems.


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