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Adam Gorb's Bohemian Revelry: a conductor's analysis and performance guide




Kasper, Matthew, author
Phillips, Rebecca L., advisor
Grapes, K. Dawn, committee member
Kenney, Wes, committee member
Balgopal, Meena, committee member

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Adam Gorb is a British composer whose works have been performed worldwide and received much critical acclaim. His ability to blend many musical styles and influences within individual pieces and the utilization of varied sound colors and textures has resulted in a distinct compositional voice among contemporary composers, specifically in the wind band genre. Gorb's composition Bohemian Revelry was composed in 2013 for the Bromley Youth Concert Band and has since been distinguished by the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) as a significant work. This thesis provides an in-depth study of Bohemian Revelry, further exploring the influences behind Gorb's compositional voice and his process for composing this work. Study of the unique characteristics of traditional Czech folk songs and dance styles reveal how Gorb assimilates them into his own compositional voice. The results of this analytic research culminate in a set of rehearsal considerations that can be utilized by other conductors and musicians in future performances of this piece. Interviews were conducted with the composer and conductor Timothy Reynish to provide additional insights and perspectives about Bohemian Revelry, Gorb's other compositions for winds, and his impact on wind band music. This document also provides updated biographical information about Gorb and works completed since 2011.


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Bohemian Revelry
Gorb, Adam


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