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Proceedings for 2006 Central Plains irrigation conference

dc.contributor.authorCentral Plains Irrigation Conference, author
dc.coverage.spatialGreat Plains
dc.descriptionPresented at the 2006 Central Plains irrigation conference on February 21-22 in Colby, Kansas.
dc.description.tableofcontentsWhere did all the irrigators go? Trends in irrigation and demographics in Kansas -- Water losses associated with center pivot nozzle packages -- Impact of variable well yield on center pivot packages -- Mil evaluation of center pivot irrigation systems -- PMDI field test results from Sheridan County -- Influence of nozzle placement on corn grain yield, soil moisture and runoff under center pivot irrigation -- Criteria for successful adoption of SDI systems -- Progress with SDI research at Kansas State University -- Using the K-State center pivot sprinkler and SDI economic comparison spreadsheet -- Salt thresholds for liquid manure applications through a center pivot -- Land application of animal wastes on irrigated fields -- A review of mechanized irrigation performance for agricultural wastewater reuse projects -- Effect of crop residue on sprinkler irrigation management -- Effect of tillage and irrigation capacity on corn production -- Crop residue and soil water -- Irrigated crop production economics and land lease arrangements -- Pumping plant efficiency, fuel options, and costs -- Crop water allocation model: a tool for evaluating irrigated crop options -- Irrigation of oil seed crops -- Crop water use in limited-irrigation environments -- Dry bean water management -- Crop production comparison under various irrigation systems -- Irrigation management with saline water.
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dc.format.mediumconference proceedings
dc.publisherColorado State University. Libraries
dc.relation.ispartofIrrigation Management
dc.rights©2006 Central Plains Irrigation Association
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dc.subjectsubsurface drip irrigation
dc.subjectwater efficiency
dc.subjectcrop residues
dc.titleProceedings for 2006 Central Plains irrigation conference
dc.title.alternativeCentral Plains irrigation conference proceedings


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