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Application of plant nutrients through irrigation water




Clapp, John G., author
U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher

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The application of plant nutrients through irrigation water is one of the most efficient methods for fertilizer application to enhance crop production and reduce or eliminate potential environmental problems related to direct soil surface fertilizer applications. Stable clear liquid fertilizers are usually preferred for fertilization as compared to solid materials which must be solubilized before use. especially for drip irrigation systems. Tessenderlo Kerley produces a number of clear liquid products which have proven to be useful for fertigation. One of these products KTS (potassium thiosulfate) has been evaluated by several researchers for use in sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.


Presented at the 2000 USCID international conference, Challenges facing irrigation and drainage in the new millennium on June 20-24 in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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