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Framing metamemory judgments: judgments of retention intervals (JORIs)




Tauber, Sarah K., author
Rhodes, Matthew, advisor
McCabe, David, committee member
Kraiger, Kurt, committee member
Rickey, Dawn, committee member

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Prior research has shown that participants’ predictions of memory performance are not sensitive to the time between study and test. However, this work has largely relied in one metacognitive measure, Judgments of Learning (JOLs), to assess such awareness. Thus, in three experiments I explored a new metacognitive measure. Judgments of Retention Interval (JORIs), in which participants determine how long (in minutes) information will be remembered. Results demonstrated that the metacognitive measure itself influences assessments of monitoring and control. For example participants chose to restudy more items when JORIs were made, compared with fewer restudy choices from participants who made JOLs (Experiment 2). However, participants demonstrated difficulty incorporating information about a retention interval into their judgments regardless of the type of judgment made (i.e., JOLs or JORIs). Results are considered within existing theoretical frameworks. I suggest that the metacognitive measure needs to be considered in order to accurately assess metacognitive awareness, and additional work is needed to assess metacognitive awareness of RI.


2010 Summer.
Includes bibliographic references (pages 57-60).
Covers not scanned.
Print version deaccessioned 2022.

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