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The impact of alignment between organizational climates for safety, productivity, and quality




Hoffmeister, Krista, author
Gibbons, Alyssa, advisor
Fisher, Gwenith, committee member
Henry, Kimberly, committee member
Rosecrance, John, committee member

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With a sample of 204 construction workers, the present study assessed how the alignment and misalignment between safety, productivity, and quality climates was related to important individual and organizational outcomes. All three climates were related to safety, productivity, and quality outcomes. An alignment between climates, and a more positive perception of each, led to beneficial outcomes for the individual and the organization. However, a greater misalignment between the outcomes led to poorer health and decreased productivity and quality. Better perceptions of leadership were associated with more positive safety, productivity, and quality climates. These findings are important for both science and practice. Rather than creating silos for these key organizational goals, academics and practitioners should take a more holistic perspective. An understanding of the interaction between safety, productivity, and quality climates, and taking an effort to align these three goals, can maximize organizational success.


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quality climate
productivity climate
safety climate
organizational climate


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