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Mind-body interventions utilized by an occupational therapist in a medical intensive care unit: an exploratory case study




Provancha, Alexa F., author
Schmid, Arlene, advisor
Coatsworth, Douglas, committee member
Malcolm, Matthew, committee member

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The medical intensive care unit (MICU) presents a challenging environment within the health care arena. Patients in the MICU are at risk for occupational deprivation, due to a lack of opportunities for purposeful movements and activities, which further impedes recovery. Occupational deprivation occurs when people are not afforded equal opportunities to participate in desired occupations. Mind-body interventions might be a tool for occupational therapists to use a preparatory method to improve patients' physical and psychological health, leading to increased performance and participation in occupations while in the MICU. The purpose of this study was to explore the use of mind-body interventions delivered by an occupational therapist in a MICU. The patient in our case study was within normal ranges for all physiological and mental status variables during the mind-body interventions. Therefore, this study demonstrates that it is feasible for an occupational therapist with proper training and credential to elicit mind-body interventions in this setting, with this patient.


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medical intensive care unit
occupational therapy
mind-body interventions
complementary and integrative health


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