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Perceived stress, caregiver burden, and emotional distress in caregivers of head and neck cancer and lung cancer




Alliegro, Marissa C., author
Borrayo, Evelinn, advisor
Henry, Kim, committee member
Gonzalez, Jessica, committee member

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Caregiving research focuses highly on the impact burden of care has on the mental health of caregivers (Nightingale et al., 2014; Northouse et al., 2012; Perz et al., 2011). However, little research focuses on how stress, as an independent construct contributes to the emotional distress caregivers of Head and Neck and Lung Cancer patients experience (Luchesia et al., 2016). This project aims to investigate the relationship between caregiver burden, perceived stress, and emotional distress (depression and anxiety) of caregivers of HNC and LC patients. Results revealed positive and significant relationships between predictor variables (perceived stress and caregiver burden) and emotional distress. Results further revealed higher perceived stress is indicative of higher caregiver burden. Additionally, preliminary results suggested the relationship between caregiver burden and emotional distress is moderated by the caregiver's level of perceived stress. Explanations and implications of all investigated relationships are discussed. This study highlights that in fact, perceived stress as a construct is important to explore when understanding the mental health needs of caregivers of Head and Neck and Lung Cancer patients.


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emotional distress
cancer caregiving


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