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Evaluation of pressure regulators from center pivot nozzle packages




Rogers, Danny H., author
Shaw, L. K., author
Pragada, S. R., author
Alam, M., author

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Performance evaluations of center pivot nozzle packages for uniformity have been conducted as part of the Mobile Irrigation Lab program for a number of years. These evaluations were performed using a catch can system. Later the evaluation expanded to spot checking pressure and flow for in-canopy nozzle packages that could not be tested with catch cans. However, the latter procedure did not measure the pressure drop across the pressure regulator and approximately 80 per cent of Kansas center pivot irrigation systems are pressure regulated. This study tested pressure regulator performance of regulators from existing center pivot nozzle packages.


Presented at the 22nd annual Central Plains irrigation conference on February 24-25, 2010 in Kearney, Nebraska.

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center pivot irrigation
pressure regulators


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