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Studies of roughness in alluvial channels: WSP 1948, chapter B. The effect of fine sediment on the mechanics of flow




Simons, Daryl B., author
Richardson, E. V. (Everett V.), 1924-, author
Haushild, W. L., author
Colorado State University, U.S. Geological Survey, publisher

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The effect of a fine sediment (bentonite clay) on resistance to flow, bed material transport, and the mechanics of flow was studied in a large recirculating laboratory flume at Colorado State University. Concentrations of fine sediment investigated ranged from 0 to 42,000 ppm. The presence of the fine sediment increases the density and viscosity of the water, reduces the effective fall diameter of bed material, alters and under certain conditions changes the form of the bed roughness completely, decreases the resistance to flow in the tranquil flow regime, increases the resistance to flow when anti-dunes exist; and in general, increases the bed material transport particularly with anti-dune flow. Based upon the results of the study, it is possible to qualitatively predict the effect of various concentrations of fine sediment on flow phenomenon in the field. However, additional studies should be conducted to determine the effect of larger concentrations of fine sediment and other types of fine sediment.


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Stream measurements
Alluvial streams
Fluid dynamics


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