Andy Hua: capstone

Hua, Andy, artist
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The artist's statement: My art tends to be less spontaneous and more process based. I start with an initial concept and plenty of research. I often also reframe the design solution to find new points of entry into my projects. After finding direction, I begin to explore alternate variations and iterations with relevant text and imagery. I try to find simple and overlooked connections between ideas, while playing with creative limits and parameters. My work is driven by the desire to explore how concepts can ultimately manifest themselves into visual expression through playing with imagery. The concept begins as a spark... a creative impulse, igniting a framework of ideas that begs to be played with. From there, I push the idea forward by prototyping the ideas and iterating until I reach a solution that feels well resolved and integrated as a whole. This concept-oriented process overcomes boundaries imposed by media. By focusing on the idea, the solution can take many forms across various media. Even though the choice in media does have an effect on how a piece is received, it will inherently still have a strong impact because of the nature of layered meaning that is inherent in substantial design concepts.
2013 Spring.
Colorado State University Art Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement and images of works.
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