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Teacher tolerance of risk in play scale (T-TRiPS): evaluating the psychometric properties of a new measure




Ihrig, Kristina M., author
Bundy, Anita, advisor
Land, Shelly, committee member
Aberle, Jennifer, committee member

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A small amount of risk is a natural component of play that provides children with developmental benefits, increasing: competencies, autonomy and self-efficacy. The purpose of this study is to examine validity and reliability of data produced with a new instrument, Teacher Tolerance of Risk in Play Scale (T-TRiPS). T-TRiPS, a 25-item instrument, was administered to 99 teachers of children with disabilities, aged 4-12. Rasch analysis was used to analyze data. Findings support strong evidence for unidimensionality of the construct: positive point measure correlations, goodness-of-fit statistics in the acceptable range, and a logical item hierarchy. A strata value of 3.01 and person reliability index of 0.80 support internal reliability. T-TRiPS produces valid and reliable data regarding teacher tolerance of risk in play. T-TRiPS can serve as the basis for self-reflection or intervention aimed at increasing children's access to developmentally beneficial risky play.


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risk tolerance
risky play


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