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Recommended best management practices for Round-leaf four o'clock (Oxybaphus rotundifolius): practices to reduce the impacts of road maintenance activities to plants of concern




Panjabi, Susan, author
Smith, Gabrielle, author
Colorado Natural Heritage Program, publisher

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Round-leaf four o’clock (Oxybaphus rotundifolius) is a medium-tall plant in the Nyctaginaceae (Four o’clock Family) that is restricted to barren shale outcrops of the Smoky Hill Member of the Niobrara Formation in sparse shrublands or woodlands. Round-leaf four o’clock is considered to be imperiled at a global and state level (G2/S2, Colorado Natural Heritage Program 2015). One of the biggest conservation issues for this imperiled plant species is the lack of awareness of its existence and status. Avoiding or minimizing impacts to this species during road maintenance activities will effectively help to conserve its habitat and is unlikely to confer substantial impacts on road maintenance goals and projects. The Best Management Practices (BMPs) included in this document are intended to help increase the awareness of this species for anyone involved in road maintenance activities.


Prepared for: the Colorado Natural Areas Program.
June 2017.
Includes bibliographical references.

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round-leaf four o'clock
road maintenance impact
special management areas
noxious weed management
roadside plants


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