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Job hunting in the digital age: how socialization messages are communicated to information seekers through corporate websites




White, Hillary, author
Williams, Elizabeth, advisor
Aoki, Eric, committee member
Sarason, Yolanda, committee member

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This thesis examines organizational socialization. It seeks to understand how socialization messages about performance proficiency, people, organizational politics, language, goals and values, and history are communicated on corporate websites. Specifically, this study uses Chao and colleagues' (1994) typology to explore how messages about job performance, people, politics, language, organizational goals and values, and history are communicated on organization's websites. Through a grounded theory analysis of 10 of the 2013 "Best Corporate Websites" several similarities are identified in the way socialization messages are communicated to potential employees through websites. Organizations use similar language and format in order to present information relevant to job and information seekers. This research has implications for both individuals who seek information online about organizations and organizations that want to encourage organizational socialization of employees prior to entry into the organization. Using similar strategies may help organizations clearly and convincingly communicate messages to the desired audience.


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anticipatory stage
grounded theory
information seeking
job seekers
organizational socialization
proactive behaviors


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