GeoLens: enabling interactive visual analytics over large-scale, multidimensional geospatial datasets

Koontz, Jared, author
Pallickara, Sangmi, advisor
Pallickara, Shrideep, committee member
Schumacher, Russ, committee member
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Colorado State University. Libraries
With the rapid increase of scientific data volumes, interactive tools that enable effective visual representation for scientists are needed. This is critical when scientists are manipulating voluminous datasets and especially when they need to explore datasets interactively to develop their hypotheses. In this paper, we present an interactive visual analytics framework, GeoLens. GeoLens provides fast and expressive interactions with voluminous geospatial datasets. We provide an expressive visual query evaluation scheme to support advanced interactive visual analytics technique, such as brushing and linking. To achieve this, we designed and developed the geohash based image tile generation algorithm that automatically adjusts the range of data to access based on the minimum acceptable size of the image tile. In addition, we have also designed an autonomous histogram generation algorithm that generates histograms of user-defined data subsets that do not have pre-computed data properties. Using our approach, applications can generate histograms of datasets containing millions of data points with sub-second latency. The work builds on our visual query coordinating scheme that evaluates geospatial query and orchestrates data aggregation in a distributed storage environment while preserving data locality and minimizing data movements. This paper includes empirical benchmarks of our framework encompassing a billion-file dataset published by the National Climactic Data Center.
2015 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.
distributed hash tables, interactive analysis, brushing and linking, visual analytics, geospatial datasets