The effect of the serving staff on restaurant selection and customer loyalty

Barr, Jodie, author
Krueckeberg, Harry F., 1934-, advisor
Lough, John B., Jr., committee member
Camomile, Lon, committee member
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This study was conducted to describe and determine the relationship between the serving staff in restaurants and restaurant customer loyalty. A telephone survey based on a random sample of Fort Collins households was conducted to determine the relative importance of the serving staff in the continued selection of a restaurant, the personality and skill areas of employees considered important by customers, and factors affecting attitudes toward restaurant employees. Results of the survey indicated that the serving staff is one of several factors influencing restaurant customer loyalty. Customer loyalty was found to rest on a balance of food quality, service quality, atmosphere and price/value perceptions. The quality and quantity of service were found to be critical factors capable of eliciting both compliments and complaints, thereby warranting extra attention from owners, managers, and employees in an effort to gain a competitive edge.
1990 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Customer relations
Consumer satisfaction
Restaurants -- Marketing
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