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A polynomial representation of 6.3 μm water vapor and 4.3 μm CO2 atmospheric transmissivities




Minnis, Patrick, author
Cox, Stephen K., author
Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, publisher

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The research reported in this paper describes a polynomial model formulated for the depiction of 6.3 μm H2O and 4.3 μm CO2 transmissivities in the atmosphere. A six degree function utilizing a corrected optical path is found sufficient for expressing convolved tabulated transmittance data of 10 cm-1 resolution, with an RMS error of about one percent transmission. With this model transmissivities may be calculated for many spectral intervals in a relatively small amount of time with the precision required for most atmospheric problems.


Includes bibliographical references (page 19).
December 1976.

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Radiation transfer -- Mathematical models
Water vapor, Atmospheric
Atmospheric radiation -- Mathematical models
Atmospheric carbon dioxide


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