The chase

Saurer, John R., author
Voss, Gary Wayne, advisor
Coronel, Patricia D., committee member
Orman, Jack L., committee member
Lundberg, Thomas R., committee member
Williams, Ron G., committee member
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I intend to use those materials (steel, iron, bronze, wood, fabric) and forms (geometric shapes, vessels, rings, wheels) that strike a response of familiarity in us all. I hope to develop a dialogue between the forms, scale and chosen materials that engenders an emotional, perhaps sublime, experience for the viewer. Sculptural concepts often begin for me verbally- through a word or phrase- and the physical materials I choose to use create associations that build and finish the concept presented by the title. I hope to present a situation, involve the viewer by piquing their interest in a familiar form or medium and leave them with a new experience.
1995 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.
Supplemental zip file a list of sculptures and 20 slides of sculptures and a list of drawings and 20 slides of drawings.
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Outdoor sculpture
Wood sculpture
Metal sculpture
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