Temperature-dependent characteristics and single-mode performance of AlGaInP-based 670-690-nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Choquette, Kent D., author
Schneider, Richard P., author
Crawford, Mary Hagerott, author
Lear, Kevin L., author
IEEE, publisher
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We report on temperature dependent characteristics and single mode performance of one-wave cavity, planar implanted, AlGaInP-based vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers. By optimizing the overlap between the gain peak and the cavity mode of the structure, we demonstrate record device performance, including 8.2 mW maximum output power and 11% power conversion efficiency for multimode operation and 1.9 mW and 9.6% power conversion efficiency for single mode operation at 687 nm. Improved performance at elevated temperatures is also achieved, with 1.5 mW output power demonstrated at 50 °C from a 15-μm-diameter device.
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gallium compounds
aluminium compounds
III-V semiconductors
indium compounds
laser cavity resonators
laser modes
semiconductor lasers
surface emitting lasers
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