Wind-tunnel research on the mechanics of plumes in the atmospheric surface layer. Part III. Wind-tunnel study of diffusion and deposition of particles with appreciable settling velocities: annual report

Poreh, Michael, author
Cermak, Jack E., author
Fluid Mechanics and Wind Engineering Program, Fluid Dynamics and Diffusion Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, publisher
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The deposition on a smooth surface of particles with appreciable settling velocities Vg and small Froude numbers Vg2/gh, where h is the height of the source in a neutrally stable boundary layer, was studied in a meteorological wind tunnel. The measured longitudinal deposition rates of the deposited particles were closely predicted by an approximate model, which relates the deposition rate of settling particle plumes to the diffusion of passive plumes with no reflection from the ground. The lateral dispersion rates of the settling particle plumes were found, however, to be smaller than those of passive plumes.
Includes bibliographical references (page 45).
May 1985.
Project No. 5-32512.
Prepared for Department of the Army, U.S. Army Armament Research and Development Command, Chemical Systems Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground.
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Wind tunnel models
Atmospheric diffusion
Boundary layer (Meteorology) -- Observations
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