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A greener plan for public housing: a study of Colorado Housing Authorties' utilization of green built technology




Rumley, William Jeffrey, author
Nobe, MaryEllen C., advisor
Clevenger, Caroline M., committee member
Ore, Janet, committee member

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Reducing energy usage, or at least controlling energy consumption, is an important goal for Colorado Housing Authorities (CHAs). Additional goals include preventing the escalation of property rents, i.e., energy costs, as well as controlling administrative costs that result from high energy usage. Observational data, however, suggests that only a limited number of CHAs have undertaken energy conservation measures. This study examines current energy savings program implementation among CHAs. More specifically, the study will investigate how CHAs incorporate energy efficient technologies into existing facility maintenance as well as new property construction. Currently, information identifying a baseline of energy conservation by CHAs does not exist, and it the motivation of this study. Baseline energy conservation data will assist CHAs, as well as funding agencies, to identify current levels of technology implementation to use as a planning tool for current and future energy projects. The purposed methodological approach will incorporate the use of a census design, which will examine current attitudes, beliefs, opinions and practices of CHAs.


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green built
public housing
Housing Authority
green built technology


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