Experimental investigation of small watershed floods

Yevjevich, Vujica M., 1913-, author
Smith, George L., author
Holland, Mel, author
Natural Resources Center, Colorado State University, publisher
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An experimental facility for generating artificial storms over a one-acre catchment is under construction. The catchment has been shaped into an approximation of a typical small watershed by combining a conic section upstream of two intersecting planes. The conic section and each plane have areas of one-third acre. The flow from the conic section can be measured separately and eit1er diverted under the plane sections or allowed to join the channel flow between the planes. The rainfall system is based on a system of towers with large nozzles spraying into the air more than 30 feet above the catchment. The final design of the system is not complete. Runoff can be measured at two points by H-flumes equipped with chart recorders. The rainfall gaging system is designed to automatically record rainfall at 27 locations on the basin. The gages utilize a capacitance system indicating accumulated depth of rainfall. The catchment surface is to be covered by a butyl material to provide an impermeable, erosion-resistant surface. Current activity is focused on bringing the conic section into operation to test the full-scale system before the lower areas are finished.
OWRR project no. B-005-COLO, period of research: July 1, 1966 - June 30, 1968.
Supported in part by funds provided by the United States Department of the Interior, Office of Water Resources Research.
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