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Ensuring the future of rhinos




Knight, Mike, author
Emslie, Richard, author
International Wildlife Ranching Symposium, publisher

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Rampant poaching of Africa's rhinos for their horn is on the point of pushing the continent's populations of 25,600 animals into decline –threatening to reverse this iconic conservation success story. This achievement was built upon a whole suite of actions inclusive of protection, biological management, monitoring, coordination, communication, cooperation, economic and social sustainability, public backing, political support, adequate resources (human and financial) and innovation along with the willingness to experiment. Current international and national responses to the rhino crisis have seen a heavy emphasis of law enforcement in both range and consumer states, together with a focus on trying to reduce consumer demand for the product. This has realized a shift back to a protectionist paradigm, potentially alienating communities around rhino reserves and undermining their livelihoods. Rhinos are certainly under pressure, but there is much more at stake.


Presented at the 9th international wildlife ranching symposium: wildlife - the key to prosperity for rural communities, held on 12-16 September 2016 at Hotel Safari & the Safari Court, Windhoek, Namibia.

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