Photoelectrochemical microscopy studies of transition metal dichalcogenides nanoflakes: addressing open questions of structure-function relationships

Van Erdewyk, Michael, author
Sambur, Justin, advisor
Krummel, Amber, committee member
Henry, Charles, committee member
Stasevich, Tim, committee member
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Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are exciting materials for applications in solar energy conversion. However, to advance technologies that leverage these materials, a strong understanding of fundamental photoelectrochemistry and related processes is necessary. Photoelectrochemical microscopy methods are well poised in this aspect. Methods like scanning photoelectrochemical microscopy allow for the excitation of small, localized region of a material with a focused laser and the subsequent measurement of the photocurrent. The measured photocurrent can be related to the position of the laser and the physical attributes of the material surface at the location, and variations in the photocurrent across the surface can be tracked. In this way, the technique offers insight into how different surface motifs affect the photoelectrochemical behavior of the material. This method can be combined with other spectroscopies, such as photoluminescence or Raman, to can further understanding about the studied material. The following work details the use of photoelectrochemical microscopy methods to answer questions relating to both the structure and underlying properties of mechanically exfoliated TMD nanoflakes.
Includes bibliographical references.
2022 Fall.
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