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A search for spiritual integration




Keyton, Lisa M., author
Yust, Dave, 1939-, advisor
Dietemann, David L., committee member
Gill, Ann M., committee member
Erskine, Nancy, committee member

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My paintings are about a spiritual journey. They act as a visual description as well as a vehicle for the journey itself. For me this journey has included an exploration of utopian visions and a spiritual ideal, as well as the struggle to integrate spirituality into my life. I consider contextual issues and the process of painting as being equally important and integral aspects of these paintings. Contextually this body of work represents an exploration into a "sense of place" and "ambiguous organic forms". This sense of place or environment is not physical, it is a phenomena I perceive while I am in a meditative state. The ambiguous organic forms in my paintings act as metaphors representing myself. Introducing these forms into a sense of place allows me to explore the relationship I have with my spiritual issues and my environment. For me the processes involved with painting helps facilitate the retrieval of memories, emotions and sensations, it soothes, stimulates and mesmerizes, creating a haven for expressing the inner recesses of my soul.


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Art -- Psychology


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