Study of wind pressure and air quality around Children's Hospital, National Medical Center

Chaudhry, F. H., author
Cermak, J. E., author
Engineering Research Center, Colorado State University, publisher
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Tests were conducted on a model of the proposed Children's Hospital Facility constructed (1:192 scale) in the Colorado State University Meteorological Wind Tunnel to determine air quality and air pressures around the building. The pressure measurements concentrated on the mean and RMS of the fluctuating pressure at selected locations. Air quality measurements were made by releasing Krypton-85 from specific sources of pollution and sampling it at all the intakes around the building. Data are presented in a manner that these can be directly used to evaluate pressures and air quality. Also, based on these data, recommendations are made on locating the air-conditioning intakes and the sources of pollution.
March 1971.
Prepared under contract to Leo A. Daly Company.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Wind tunnel models
Buildings -- Aerodynamics
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