Evaluation of dielectric soil moisture sensors for irrigation scheduling on farms

Hanson, Blaine R., author
Peters, Douglas W., author
U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher
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Seven dielectric soil moisture sensors were evaluated for their response to changes in soil moisture content and their appropriateness for irrigation scheduling on farms. The devices were the Sentry 200-AP, TRIME, TRASE, Aquaterr moisture meter, Enviroscan instrument, Hydra Soil Moisture Probe, and ThetaProbe. Results showed the TRASE and ThetaProbe devices to be relatively accurate compared to the other instruments. Calibration of the other instruments may be necessary under some conditions. In the fine-textured soils, the IDR devices sometimes would not operate. The Enviroscan has the advantage of high-frequency measurements, but tended to overestimate soil moisture contents.
Presented at the 2000 USCID international conference, Challenges facing irrigation and drainage in the new millennium on June 20-24 in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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