Ronald Fontenot: capstone

The artist's statement: My art is heavily rooted in reflections of my childhood, my love for music, and my appreciation for nature and the natural world. In my childhood I was blessed with a loving family and pleasant experiences that I wish to share in some way with the viewer. Rather than simply tell stories or share memories, I try to create experiences that host the same energies and pleasantries I experienced for the viewer to enjoy. My hope is that this can be heard in my music, seen in my graphical work, and felt in my presentations. I also have a great respect for nature. From owning pets to growing plants to trips to the beach, mountains and zoo, I have always loved animals and find nature and plant life to be a great inspiration. I also find each season of the year to have its own unique beauty. With these things in mind, I gather resources that celebrate the natural world like photos and videos, to guide me in my art. I also find artists who agree with these sentiments and study their work. Finally, my work stands on the shoulders of music. Whether I am producing photos, logos, videos, animations, drawings, or my own songs, I find music moves me in what I do. I favor video game music mainly from classic games of the 90s from Japan. One of my favorite songs from a video game is "Nature's Breath" from the Samurai Shodown III soundtrack, a theme of the character Nakoruru who travels the game with a hawk and a wolf. Another favorite track of mine is "A Bell is Tolling" by Hiroki Kikuta from the Secret of Mana Soundtrack. These songs and many others greatly influence my work and motivate me to create what I hope to be similar work that inspires others. I also like new age music, classic swing and jazz, Motown, Ambient and EDM (electronic dance music). Increasingly I use original children's melodies, some of which I have created, to aid me in my work. I find music to be a fuel necessary to produce top quality work. Silence has its place, but music livens life and paints visions to grab hold of and explore. These are the three things I find help mold my work: childhood, nature, and music. By Ronald Fontenot (aka Scott C. Johnson).
2019 Spring.
Colorado State University/Art and Art History Department/Electronic Art Program
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, images of works and videos.
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