The perception of organizational prestige and employee engagement

Smith, Christine L., author
Byrne, Zinta S., advisor
Steger, Michael F., committee member
Sarason, Yolanda, committee member
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Interest concerning employee engagement is on the rise, especially given the reported financial and behavioral gains of engaged employees. Naturally, as a consequence of the astounding reports from consulting firms that significant dollars are saved because of engaged employees, organizations are seeking ways to hire, retain, and foster employee engagement. This study contributes to the literature by examining how perceptions of organizational prestige, a construct studied in recruitment and attraction of employees, relates to experiences of employee engagement. Full-time, working adults completed a web-based survey assessing employee engagement, organizational identification, and perceived organizational prestige. It was hypothesized that perceived organizational prestige would be positively related to employee engagement. This study used this archival data to explore this relationship. Results support the positive association between perceived organizational prestige and employee engagement. Furthermore, results indicate organizational identification partially mediates this relationship. By examining the relationship between employee engagement and perceived organizational prestige, a variable that organizations can influence, this study contributes to the practical application of initiatives to increase employee engagement, as well as the scientific understanding of employee engagement.
2012 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.
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employee engagement
organizational prestige
organizational identification
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