Faculty lived-experiences in living-learning programs: a phenomenological analysis

Lander, Lori, author
Kuk, Linda, advisor
McKelfresh, David, committee member
Siller, Thomas, committee member
Strathe, Marlene, committee member
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The purpose of this Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis study was to explore the lived-experience of faculty participating in a living-learning program (LLP). This study aimed to examine a sample of eleven tenure and non-tenure-track faculty participants’ experiences regarding involvement, responsibilities, and learning in the LLP. The perspectives and stories shared during the semi-structured interviews reflected motives for participating, understanding the holistic student, collaboration with various campus partners, and the desire to create change within the LLP experience. The emergent themes of benefits and rewards, understanding students, barriers, change, and environment all assisted in the understanding of the experience of faculty who participated in the living-learning programs.
2016 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.
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