Influence of absolute pressure on the cooling of a plate by impinging air jets

Haberstroh, Robert D., author
Meroney, Robert N., author
Kim, In-Kun, author
College of Engineering, Colorado State University, publisher
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An experimental investigation to determine the effect of absolute pressure on the convective heat transfer coefficient for a hot plate cooled by impingement of air jets upon it was executed as proposed by Haberstroh and Meroney. Variation of absolute pressure was simulated by changing the pressure of a box in which the present experiments are made. Experiments are made at several values of absolute pressure, from 12.3 to 18.3 psia. Several authors' experimental results obtained under somewhat similar conditions are compared with the present results, and differences are discussed. Data are presented in three ways: the first is the tabulation of raw data; the second shows the relationship between heat transfer coefficient and jet velocity with pressure as a parameter; and the third puts all the data into a single relationship between two dimensionless parameters, Reynolds number and Nusselt number. After the data from the present experiment are correlated in dimensionless form, the results are applied to prediction of the mass transfer coefficient by way of Reynolds analogy. An illustration of application to design and the ultimate influence of pressure on mass transfer is provided.
September, 1970.
Includes bibliographical references (page 19).
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Heat -- Convection -- Mathematical models
Heat -- Transmission -- Mathematical models
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