Experimental investigation of small watershed floods: completion report

Schulz, Edmund F., author
Yevjevich, Vujica M., author
Natural Resources Center, Colorado State University, publisher
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An outdoor experimental rainfall-runoff facility was constructed at Colorado State University. Initially the watershed consisted of a conic section having an interior angle of 120°, a radius of 110 feet and a uniform slope of 5%. The surface of the watershed was stabilized by covering with a sheet of butyl rubber. The rainfall is simulated by overlapping sets of rainfall patterns from 164 sprinkler heads set at 10 feet above the surface of the watershed, Rainfall intensities of approximately 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 4.0 inches per hour can be produced by utilizing various combinations of sprinkler heads. At the present time the experimental rainfall is uniformly distributed in time and space over the watershed. In the future almost any variation of distribution is possible since each of the 164 sprinklers can be individually controlled according to any program. The runoff is measured through a 1.5-ft. H-flume equipped with a modified FW 1 water stage recorder. The time scale has been speeded up so that the smallest scale division corresponds to 5 seconds of time. Experiments on butyl rubber surface have demonstrated that the kinematic wave theory can be applied to computing the output hydrograph from the conic sector by considering the watershed as a 5-element kinematic cascade where each succeeding element is narrower than the previous element. For the case of the converging flow on the conic section, it was found that the flow can no longer be characterized as laminar. Research work is continuing.
June 1960.
OWRR Project B-030-COLO.
Submitted to Office of Water Resources Research U.S. Department of Interior Washington, D.C.
The work upon which this report is based was supported (in part) by funds provided by the United States Department of the Interior, Office of Water Resources Research, as authorized by the Water Resources Research Act of 1964, and pursuant to Grant Agreement No. 14-01-0001-1885.
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