Recent Submissions

  • MODIS Monthly Fog and Low Cloud Cover Rasters 2000-2022 

    Author(s):Werner, Zackary; Choi, Christopher Tsz Hin; Winter, Anna; Vorster, Anthony G.; Berger, Anika; O'Shea, Kristen; Evangelista, Paul; Woodward, Brian
    Format:ZIP; TIFF; TXT
    The MODIS Monthly Fog and Low Cloud Cover Rasters 2000-2022 dataset contains fog and low cloud cover (FLCC) observations summarized into days per month along the California and Southern Oregon Coast from 2000-2022. This ...
  • Snow persistence grids and snow zone shape files for the western United States 

    Author(s):Moore, Cara; Kampf, Stephanie; Stone, Brandon; Richer, Eric
    Format:ZIP; DOC; JPEG; TIFF; PDF; Shapefile
    This study maps the geographic extent of intermittent and seasonal snow cover in the western United States using thresholds of 2000–2010 average snow persistence derived from moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer ...
  • Hydro-biogeochemistry transport of black carbon project-data 

    Author(s):Cotrufo, Francesca
    Format:ZIP; DOCX; TXT; XML
    This data package was produced by researchers working on the Hyrdo-Biogeochemistry Transport of Black Carbon Project. This project was supported by National Science Foundation and the Water Institute at Colorado State ...
  • C and N dynamics between grass litter, soil and the atmosphere determined using isotope tracing 

    Author(s):Cotrufo, Francesca; Soong, Jennifer
    Format:ZIP; CSV; DOCX; XML