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  • Emily Pantoja : capstone 

    Contributor:Pantoja, Emily
    Date Submitted:2018
    As a designer, there is no escaping the practical nature of the art I create. The end-product is often a piece that will be held, used, and interacted with by a large variety of people and it must accomplish basic goals ...
  • Rachael Worthington : capstone 

    Contributor:Worthington, Rachael
    Date Submitted:2018
    My work takes inspiration from the organic — whether that be shapes, lines, colors or fonts. Through my use of color and airy white space, I try to bring a bit of whimsy into clean, contemporary designs that communicate. ...
  • Kendall Akin : capstone 

    Contributor:Akin, Kendall
    Date Submitted:2018
    As a Graphic Designer, I strive to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers through creating purposeful and intentional art. I find influence everywhere I go: the way finding in a museum, the font ...
  • Brittany Kiehl : capstone 

    Contributor:Kiehl, Brittany
    Date Submitted:2018
    In my work I am mostly drawn to the use of darker colors, simple logo designs and heavy uses of typography and illustration. Typography is essential to have in graphic design because it is the most efficient way to communicate ...
  • Lauren Fuhr : capstone 

    Contributor:Fuhr, Lauren
    Date Submitted:2018
    I challenge convention with an eye for new and fresh design combined with simple and classic principles and a few broken rules along the way. My art reflects my excitement for consistency met with spontaneity—the comfortable ...
  • Hayden Miller : capstone 

    Contributor:Miller, Hayden
    Date Submitted:2018
    My goal as a graphic designer is to meet the challenges and objectives I’m presented with by finding unique and innovative solutions. Regardless of the context I’m designing in, I strive to find the road less traveled in ...
  • Amelia Falldorf : capstone 

    Contributor:Falldorf, Amelia
    Date Submitted:2018
    Technology itself may be, to some, nothing more than a tool with which to expedite the process of creation; one need only think of the Adobe Suite that dominates the graphics market. However, I view technology as more of ...
  • Sean Foran : capstone 

    Contributor:Foran, Sean
    Date Submitted:2018
    “Think like a businessman, create like an artist.” In most forms of art, the artist creates mostly for themselves and mostly for the individual with pulls of emotion. In graphic design, no matter the platform, we are always ...
  • Lilly Luke : capstone 

    Contributor:Luke, Lilly
    Date Submitted:2018
    In the words of Victor Shklovsky: "Habitualization devours work, clothes, furniture, one's wife, and the fear of war. "If the whole complex lives of many people go on unconsciously, then such lives are as if they had never ...
  • Jiuying Cheng : capstone 

    Contributor:Cheng, Jiuying
    Date Submitted:2018
    As a graphic designer, I always believe design can help people live better lives because the design provides the visual and convenience benefits. Hence, I think the most important things for design is whether it functions ...
  • Shreenal Patel : capstone 

    Contributor:Patel, Shreenal
    Date Submitted:2018
    I am privileged to know two different cultures and my designs reflect that. I have always been a creative person as I used to make birthday cards for everyone. I knew that wanted to pursue something related to arts, but ...
  • Nick Adkins : capstone 

    Contributor:Adkins, Nicholas
    Date Submitted:2018
    I naturally engage influences of science fiction film and video games and applied them to my own design philosophy. I’ve crafted the foundation of my own style around abstract, sci-fi based scenery and vibrant energies. I ...
  • Samantha Shepardson : capstone 

    Contributor:Shepardson, Samantha J.
    Date Submitted:2018
    As an artist I express myself best through the work I create. I am constantly inspired to create pieces that reflect my interests in music, nature, and pop culture. I find that through digital painting I can best combine ...
  • Todd Underwood : capstone 

    Contributor:Underwood, Todd
    Date Submitted:2018
    As an artist, I thrive in messes. Within my creative process, I often end up with my hands and floors covered in paint. My studio is home to a hoard of found-objects which await to be showered with paint. From creating ...
  • Meryl Saxton : capstone 

    Contributor:Saxton, Meryl
    Date Submitted:2018
    I like to explore the possibilities of how to present visual problems. Using computer programs and traditional mediums I can figure out what is best suited for a project. I enjoy experimenting with rich textures, vibrant ...
  • Yijie Zhu : capstone 

    Contributor:Zhu, Yijie
    Date Submitted:2018
    As a graphic designer, I use a lot of different mediums to reach a perfect result. I take care of every step and keep myself creative when seeking more ideas. I use the Adobe Suites to complete some special but necessary ...
  • Sean Chan : capstone 

    Contributor:Chan, Sean
    Date Submitted:2018
    I decontextualize. Then I reconstruct. Exploring the infinite possibilities of New Media, my artwork takes a contemporary/futuristic view on fine art and classic styles, mixing them with digital wonder and invigorating ...
  • Lukas Cantwell : capstone 

    Contributor:Cantwell, Lukas
    Date Submitted:2017
    I have been an artist my whole life. At a young age I thrived in making art and was often asked by others to do art work for them. When I got to High School, I continued to take art classes, and have always enjoyed the ...
  • Steven Osika : capstone 

    Contributor:Osika, Steven
    Date Submitted:2017
    I’ve learned that everything that exists in this world has gone through some form of design. It is a fundamental base for everything that is created and is existential to the world that surrounds us. Our minds are adapted ...
  • Timothy Curry : capstone 

    Contributor:Curry, Timothy
    Date Submitted:2017
    When I am creating a design I find the fact that there is a connection between the client and the design. I use the design programs Illustrator and Indesign. I come up with most of the ideas for my design when I am in the ...

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