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  • Owl was a baker's daughter : poems, The 

    Contributor:Cummings, Gillian
    In The Owl Was a Baker's Daughter, Gillian Cummings gives voice to her version of Ophelia, a young woman shattered by unbearable losses, and questions what makes a mind unwind till the outcome is deemed a suicide. Ophelia's ...
  • Rhetoric, technology, and the virtues 

    Contributor:Colton, Jared S.; Holmes, Steve
    The book argues that virtue ethics supports postmodern criticisms of rational autonomy and universalism, while enabling a discussion of actual ethical behaviors that digital users form through particular communicative ends ...
  • Legend tripping : a contemporary legend casebook 

    Contributor:McNeill, Lynne S.; Tucker, Elizabeth
    Explores the practice of legend tripping, where individuals or groups travel to a site where an urban legend is thought to have taken place. Legend tripping is depicted throughout vernacular (contemporary and historical) ...
  • Teaching professional and technical communication : a practicum in a book 

    Contributor:Bridgeford, Tracy
    Guides instructors in topics covered in professional and technical communication (PCT) or introductory major courses. Theoretical and applied discussions about teaching of this diverse subject, including relevant pedagogical ...
  • Key theoretical frameworks for : teaching technical communication in the 21st century 

    Contributor:Haas, Angela M.; Eble, Michelle F.
    Drawing on cultural studies scholarship and social justice strategies authors explore new curricular and pedagogical approaches to technical communication. Shows teachers how to train students to identify and assess issues ...
  • Barbed voices : oral history, resistance, and the World War II Japanese American social disaster 

    Contributor:Hansen, Arthur A.
    An updated and annotated anthology of published articles written by a respected historian of Japanese American history. Featuring selected inmates and camp groups who spearheaded resistance movements in the ten War Relocation ...
  • Imperial peripheries in the Neo-Assyrian period 

    Contributor:Tyson, Craig W.; Herrmann, Virginia R.
    Highlighting strategies that Neo-Assyrian Empire applied to manage its massive and diverse empire. Examining various ways those strategies were received by subjects close and far from the center. Studies illustrate how ...
  • Remembering Lucile : a Virginia family's rise from slavery and a legacy forged a mile high 

    Contributor:McLean, Polly E. Bugros
    The University of Colorado erroneously recognized Dr. Ruth Cave Flowers as its first Black graduate. In 1918--six years before Flowers's graduation--Lucile Berkeley Buchanan Jones received her bachelor's degree. McLean ...
  • Distant islands : the Japanese American community in New York City, 1876-1930s 

    Contributor:Inouye, Daniel H.
    The turn of the century New York Japanese American community was a composite of several micro communities divided along status, class, geographic, and religious lines. Using primary sources Inouye tells the stories of the ...
  • On being Maya and getting by : heritage politics and community development in Yucatán 

    Contributor:Taylor, Sarah R.
    An ethnographic study of the two Ek' Balams-the notable archaeological site and the adjacent village-of the Yucatan Peninsula. When the archaeological site became a tourist destination, the village became a community-based ...
  • Inconstant landscape : the Maya kingdom of El Zotz, Guatemala, An 

    Contributor:Garrison, Thomas G.; Houston, Stephen
    Six years of archaeological survey around the Maya kingdom of El Zotz a complex picture of a dynamic landscape that experienced numerous fluctuations over the course of 2000 years of occupation-it serves as a test-case of ...
  • Dialogue with Europe, dialogue with the past : colonial Nahua and Quechua elites in their own words 

    Contributor:Olko, Justyna; Sullivan, John; Szemiński, Jan
    A critical anthology of indigenous-authored texts, including Nahua, Quechua, and Spanish which native peoples and Spaniards convey their perspectives on Spanish colonial order. The first volume with native testimonies of ...
  • Relational identities and other-than-human agency in archaeology 

    Contributor:Harrison-Buck, Eleanor; Hendon, Julia A.
    Explores benefits and consequences of archaeological theorizing on and interpretation of social agency of non-humans as relational beings capable of producing change in the world. Cross-examines traditional understanding ...
  • Two Taríacuris and the Early Colonial and Prehispanic past of Michoacán, The 

    Contributor:Haskell, David L.
    Investigates how elites of the Tarascan kingdom of Central Mexico sought to influence interactions with Spanish colonialism by reworking the past. Examines the rhetorical power of the Relación de Michoacán--by Franciscan ...
  • Maya narrative arts 

    Contributor:Bassie-Sweet, Karen; Hopkins, Nicholas A.
    A comprehensive and innovative analysis of the principles of Classic Maya narrative arts and applying those principles to major Palenque monuments. Demonstrating recent methodological shifts in the examination of art and ...
  • Manifest West : transitions and transformations 

    Contributor:Todd, Mark
    Volume 7, Manifest West Series, Western Press Books What changes, alters, undergoes renewal or metamorphosis in the West? The space shared and sparred-over in urban Oregon versus remote Colorado casts doubt on the concept ...
  • Teaching readers in post-truth America 

    Contributor:Carillo, Ellen C.
    Demonstrates how postsecondary teachers can engage the phenomenon of "post-truth," a concern in American discourse. Drawing on educational and cognitive psychology, human development, philosophy, and education, Carillo ...
  • Slender Man is coming : creepypasta and contemporary legends on the Internet 

    Contributor:Blank, Trevor J.; McNeill, Lynne S.
    Exploring the menacing figure of Slender Man, the blank-faced, long-limbed bogeyman born of a Photoshop contest, who has appeared in horror stories circulated on- and offline among young people. An unprecedented folkloric ...
  • Rhetor response : a theory and practice of literary affordance 

    Contributor:Khost, Peter H.
    Bridging the disciplinary divide between writing and literature and introducing the concept of "literary affordances"--A theory that addresses interpretation and use through understanding how a rhetor applies a text. A mix ...
  • Embodied playbook : writing practices of student-athletes, The 

    Contributor:Rifenburg, J. Michael
    Understanding student literacy in a surprising place: the university athletic department. Through analysis of a year-long case study of a university men's basketball team, showing a deeper and refined understanding of how ...

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