Long term learning outcome of sociology capstone courses at Colorado State University

Love, Hannah Beth, author
Cross, Jennifer E., advisor
O'Connor Shelley, Tara, committee member
Lacy, Michael, committee member
Coke, Pamela, committee member
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Institutions of higher education claim to be educating students to think critically, be civically engaged, and prepared to solve global problems. How do we know sociology programs are fulfilling this promise? This research aimed to validate previous claims about the long-term impacts of sociology capstone courses by comparing three capstone courses at Colorado State University (CSU): a Community Based Research (CBR) Capstone course, Traditional Capstone Seminars, and Internship. By conducting a content analysis of existing student reflections, a network analysis of current students, and a survey of all sociology alumni from the last ten years. The results of our study at CSU provided strong evidence that not all capstone courses produced the same long-term learning outcomes. Through peer-to-peer learning CBR taught students to think critically, solve problems, be civically engaged, work as a member of a team, and value scientific research.
2015 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.
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learning outcomes
social network analysis
teaching and learning
long-term learning outcomes
capstone courses
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