Recent Submissions

  • Examining the monetary risks and rewards for the anthropogenic spread of wild hogs 

    Contributor:Caudell, Joe N.; Welch, Katelyn; Dowell, EmilyHigginbotham, Billy;
    Wild hogs (Sus scrofa) are an invasive, exotic species that have spread through much of the US through anthropogenic means. Many states have laws and regulations with the intent of reducing the illegal importation, ...
  • Toxicants and contraceptives for feral swine in the US 

    Contributor:Foster, Justin; VerCauteren, Kurt; Eckerly, DougHigginbotham, Billy;
    With partners, we and others are working to develop and register toxicants and contraceptives for feral swine in the US. Our toxicant efforts are focused on using sodium nitrite (SN) as the active ingredient. We are assessing ...
  • Wild pig damage & conflicts 

    Contributor:Strickland, BronsonHigginbotham, Billy;
    In North America, wild pigs have been a source of conflict since their introduction in the 1500's. The destructive foraging behavior, combined with a diverse omnivorous diet and prodigious reproductive capacity make the ...
  • North American feral swine diseases : are we winning, yet? 

    Contributor:Jack, SkipHigginbotham, Billy;
    Swine have been around for many millennia, present in North America about one-half of one. They continue to expand their home ranges and unfortunately, they share several infectious diseases with our domestic animals and ...
  • Traditional and emerging methodology to educate the public about wild pigs 

    Contributor:Higginbotham, Billy; Cathey, Jim; Tyson, MarkHigginbotham, Billy;
    The wild pig population in Texas is estimated at 2.6 million animals and damage to agronomic enterprises is conservatively estimated at $52 million annually. In response to this damage, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension ...
  • Illinois landowner perceptions of feral hogs and their management 

    Contributor:Harper, Erin E.; Miller, Craig A.Higginbotham, Billy;
    Wild pigs were first found in western Illinois in the 1990s. Since this time pig presence has been confirmed in 23 of Illinois' 102 counties and persistent populations exist in four counties. Problems associated with these ...
  • National strategy to address feral swine issues in the United States, A 

    Contributor:Nolte, DaleHigginbotham, Billy;
    United States depart of Agriculture, Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is serving as the lead federal agency in a cooperative effort with other federal, state, tribal, and local entities that share a common ...
  • Tennessee wild hog management 

    Contributor:Yoest, ChuckHigginbotham, Billy;
    In 2010 the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) acknowledged the failure of harvest-based management to control wild hog (Sus scrofa) populations and the need to shift focus to a more aggressive statewide wild hog ...
  • Control methods for wild pigs in the U.S. : best management practices 

    Contributor:Bodenchuk, Michael J.Higginbotham, Billy;
    Wild pigs (Sus scrofa) are widespread throughout the continental United States and significant efforts have been initiated to contain population spread. Removal of wild pigs in the United States is currently limited to ...
  • Wild pigs in North America : history, distribution, ecology, and challenges 

    Contributor:Mayer, Jack
    Wild pigs belonging to the species Sus scrofa are not native to the Western Hemisphere. In spite of having had a fairly stable presence in North America during most of the 20th Century, wild pigs on this continent have ...