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    Cognitive mapping and GIS
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2005) Wallick, David, author; Kathlene, Lyn, author; Colorado Institute of Public Policy, publisher
    To help a Colorado county create an integrated social service delivery system, it was necessary to discover the variety of government, non-profit and faith-based social service resources unknown to the county. Identification of the resources uniquely combined two techniques -- cognitive mapping in conjunction with Geographic Information System (GIS) -- to analyze the availability, capacity, and distribution of social services. This presentation accompanies the "Community capacity assessment summary report" (, the "Community capacity assessment full report" (, and the "Systems of Care literature review" (
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    Water in the Rocky Mountain West, 2025
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2006) Colorado Institute of Public Policy, author
    The Rocky Mountain West continually faces complicated and rapidly changing water policy challenges. Today, water issues are fundamentally about the people of the West, and the diverse beliefs and values that they hold. To illustrate how beliefs and values are connected to water challenges, this presentation accompanies report, "Water in 2025: beliefs and values as a means for cooperation" (, and highlights the results of two surveys given to 84 stakeholders in Colorado.