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Voltage reduction and automation on the residential distribution grid




Meller, Ryan, author
Collins, George, advisor
Borky, John, committee member
Young, Peter, committee member
Marchese, Anthony, committee member

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This paper represents the culmination of my research on the effects of voltage reduction and automation on the residential distribution grid. Although voltage reduction has been in use for many years, the strategies identified and tested through my research increase savings for utilities by reducing demand during peak periods. In addition, by automating switching to transfer load on the system, utilities will benefit not only during outage events, but in alleviating load on substations and equipment nearing capacity during load control events. The energy grid has benefited from a number of efficiencies in the past several years; however, system peaks continue to be problematic for electric utilities from both a cost and infrastructure perspective. The following presentation sets forth automated voltage reduction techniques, as well as automated switching approaches on distribution line sections, in an effort to appropriately address these concerns.


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