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Assessment of Gullele Botanic Gardens conservation strategy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia research from the Peace Corps Masters International Progam




Reeder, Carl M., author
Laituri, Melinda, advisor
Evangelista, Paul, committee member
Daivs, Jessica, committee member
Sturtevant, Robert, committee member

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Monitoring of current and future conditions is critical for a conservation area to quantify results and remain competitive against alternative land uses. This study aims to monitor and evaluate the objectives of the Gullele Botanic Gardens (GBG) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The following report advances the understanding of existing understory and tree species in GBG and aims to uncover various attributes of the conservation forest. To provide a baseline data-set for future research and management practices, this report focused on species composition and carbon stock analysis of the area. Species-specific allometric equations to estimate above-ground biomass for Juniperus procera and Eucalyptus globulus are applied in this study to test the restoration strategy and strength of applied allometry to estimate carbon stock of the conservation area. The equations and carbon stock of the forest were evaluated with the following hypothesis: Removal of E. globulus of greater than 35cm DBH would impact the carbon storage (Mg ha-1) significantly as compared to the overall estimate. Conservative estimates found E. globulus accounted for 68% of the total carbon. Results of both the carbon stock and species composition analyses were used to delineate forest stands with a Geographic Information System. Ultimately, the strategy of GBG to restore native stand structure and understory species to the area will be advanced by the organization of forest stands delineated by this study.


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