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Adventures in roller derby




Link, Karen Lynn, author
Yust, Dave, 1939-, advisor
Sullivan, Patrice M., advisor
Tremblay, William A., committee member
Simons, Stephen R., committee member

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In my thesis, I discuss why I paint images of roller derby matches and why, in particular, the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. I show how I explore my subject through narrative, compositional space, and value. I write about the relationships between the figures, and between the figures and their environment, and how that relates to issues of narrative. I show how I explore my subject through acrylic and india ink and the materials that are used for my supports. I discuss how Henri Matisse and Richard Diebenkom have influenced my work and how my work functions differently from theirs. Also in my thesis, I discuss the use of photography and how it relates to the creative process of my painting. Lastly, the reasons and advantages of using photography in my process is explored including the malleability of digital photography.


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Roller derbies -- Art


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