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Northern Front Range Air Quality Study




Lawson, Douglas R., author
Northern Front Range Air Quality Study (NFRAQS) Technical Project, author

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The Northern Front Range Air Quality Study was instituted by the Colorado State Legislature through House Bill 95-1345 and amended through House Bill 96-1179. The legislation delineated an independent, objective, scientifically peer-reviewed study of air pollution along the Northern Front Range of Colorado to be managed by Colorado State University and funded through contributions from nearly 40 groups (private industry, local and national organizations, local state and federal agencies). The $4 million Study was conducted in three phases: Phase 1- Winter of 1996, Phase 2- Summer of 1996, and Phase 3- Winter of 1997. The final Study results were delivered to the Governor and the General Assembly on July 1, 1998.


Zip file contains complete archive of emission inventory by source type and pollutant.

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Air quality -- Colorado


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Northern Front Range Air Quality Study Final Report (June 30, 1998),