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An economic assessment of white crappie (Pomoxis annularis) culture methods




Larsen, Erik C., author
Bond, Craig, advisor
Goemans, Christopher, committee member
Myrick, Christopher, committee member

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Due to uncertain inputs into production, the development of a successful aquaculture operation requires meticulous business and contingency planning efforts. Given the degree of complexity involved in creating these plans, however, the culturist must often consider and carefully analyze an array of options presented to them. In an effort to assist the culturist with these complicated decisions, the goal of this work is to design a decision support tool, in which the user may explore business planning options and contingency planning scenarios. This decision support tool uses the Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) as an analytical cornerstone in order to estimate the expected output of a white crappie (Pomoxis annularis) culture system (in terms of both number of fish for stocking and dollars of total net revenues). To address stochasticity in production, Monte Carlo simulation tools have been incorporated into the model in an effort to facilitate meaningful economic analyses of production planning on the basis of expected habitat quality.


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cost benefit analysis
habitat suitability index
white crappie


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